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Fire in the Forest: August 17, 2018

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Youth Adventure Series(YAS): Fire in the Forest

Glacier Institute Staff

We will spend the day exploring a forest that burned during the 2001 Moose Fire and the 2003 Robert Fire and learn firsthand about fire ecology in Glacier National Park.  We will see the changes brought about by the fire and how it has affected animal, plants and humans. 

Meeting Time: Friday at 9 AM 

Meeting Place: Glacier Park Field Camp Meeting Hall.  See campus map. 

What to Bring?

  • Day pack                                                                  
  • WARM clothes
  • Sturdy walking shoes (rain-proof, if possible)          
  • Rain gear                                                                              
  • Extra shoes & change of clothes                                
  • Full water bottle (one quart)             
  • sack lunch and snacks                                    
  • Paper and pencil

Activity Level:  We will hike less than 2 miles round trip at a leisurely pace, on and off trail through brush and over rocks with an elevation gain and loss of 100 feet.

Recommended Reading:

Fire, Friend or Foe, Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Wildfires, Seymour Simon

The Ecology of Fire, Robert J. Whelan

Schedule:  We will begin by getting to know each other, as we spend some time learning about the history and science of fire. During our day together we will do hands-on activities to explore the following topics: 

  • Human uses of fire
  • Fire ecology and adaptations
  • Fire cycles and how it changes the forest and landscape
  • Fire types and intensity
  • Human attitudes about fire
  • Fire management

Our day will end by 3 PM.