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Live Sessions

During this time of unprecedented change and flexibility, we want to make ourselves available to do what we do best. This is 30 minutes of personal, one-on-one, time with our staff via a web chat service. Suggested donation of $50, but not required. 

Email to reserve

Here is a list of topics to choose from:

Animal Tracks and Sign. Come along as we explore the common animal tracks and signs we find in and around Glacier National Park. You will learn how to identify who you’re following down the trail, as well as who might be following you. Our instructors always have some captivating tales to tell of their more exciting track encounters.

Skulls, Predators, & Prey. Bears, lions, and bighorn sheep, oh my! In this interactive web session we will get up close and personal with the skulls of some of Glacier National Park’s most charismatic animals. You will learn some of the defining characteristics between predator and prey species, and get a feel for just how big our grizzled haired friends up north can be.

Aquatic Macroinvertebrates. A 600 pound grizzly bear dependent on a subterranean insect that weighs less than a paperclip? We’ll learn about the incredible role these creatures play in our ecosystems, as well as give you the tools to explore this hidden world all by yourself!

Geologic History of our Landscape. What does a giant mass of frozen water have anything to do with the stunning mountains and river valleys that are prevalent in North Western Montana? In this interactive web session we will explore the amazing natural forces that have left us with a stunning landscape that provides so many amazing recreational opportunities.

Nocturnal Adaptations. How is it possible that some predators can successfully hunt in complete darkness? In this interactive web session we will unlock the secrets that allow these unique creatures to thrive during the nighttime.

Nature Photography. Join us as we deconstruct what goes into taking a stunning photograph. In this interactive web session we will walk through some important considerations to keep in mind when taking visually appealing photos of the natural world. You will walk away with some basic techniques and tactics to implement into your everyday photography.

Wild Weather: Of Mountains and Microclimate: Spend some time with our resident weather enthusiast before he heads off to finish his PhD in meteorology! You will learn why Glacier National Park and the surrounding areas have such a diverse climate all year round, as well as how to interpret weather charts and maps like a pro.  

Get to know our Director: Spend 30 minutes getting to know our Executive Director, Anthony Nelson, you can read his bio here. Topics could include: vision for the Glacier Institute, mentoring teens on career path in environmental science, good books, or just simple small talk and quality conversation. 

Send us an email to get your time slot scheduled! We’ll send you everything you need to know.