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Worksheets and Videos

Check Out Some of Our Free Educational Resources

Outdoor Activities

Earth Day Fun

A fun activity for the whole family!

Soundscape - Ages 6-14

Have you heard the birds singing outside? This is a fun activity that you can do from your back yard. We challenge you to do this in the morning, afternoon, and evening to see the different activity around you. 

Spring Bird Bingo- Ages 6-14

Spring is in the air and the birds are out flying around, have you spotted any birds from your front yard or back yard. We challenge you to find all the birds on the bingo sheet!

Nature Soup - Ages 3-6

Grab a bucket and get outside, we are going to teach you how to make Nature Soup!

I Spy - Ages 3-6

Do you need to keep the little ones entertained in the car? This is a great game to play!

Bark Rubbing - Ages 3-6

This is a great activity to do during your nature walk, how many patterns can you find? 

Bird Tally - Ages 3-6

How many birds can you find from your backyard or on your nature walk? 

Nature Hunt - Ages 3-6

Nature inspired scavenger hunt with a focus on practicing measurements. 

Playdough Fractions - Ages 3-6

Get out the playdough for this fun activity!



Homemade Magnifying Glass

Learn how to make a homemade magnifying glass so you can explore your world!

Nature Journal

Here are a few tips on making your own nature journal.

Leave No Trace #1

Tips on how to plan and prepare for your hike.

Leave No Trace #2

Traveling and camp on durable surfaces.

Leave No Trace #3

Dispose of waste responsibly

Leave No Trace #4

Leave what you find.

Leave No Trace #5

Minimize camp fire impact. 


Get outside and look at the natural world around you on a much smaller scale!

Square Knot

Learn how to tie a square knot.

Bark Rubbing

Get your nature journal out and lets do some bark rubbing!

Benthic Macro Inverts

Take a walk down to the creek and see what is hiding under the rocks!

Sound Scape

Get your nature journal out, we are going to listen to what is around us!

Starting a Camp Fire

Some useful tips on how to start your camp fire. 

Bowline Knot

Learn how to tie a bowline knot.

*Keep checking back, we will be posting more fun activities!