Activity Level Descriptions

Each adult field course is rated according to the level of physical activity required.  We practice “Leave No Trace” ethics; however, all levels may involve some off-trail travel through brush and/or uneven terrain.  Although Institute staff and instructors exercise every caution to prevent mishaps, students must assume full responsibility for their own safety.  We ask that you evaluate your own physical condition before making a commitment to participate in any of our programs. We require that you sign a liability waiver at the start of each class.

Ideal for the beginner and/or senior hikers.  (Less than two miles and/or 500 feet elevation gain)

Courses are suitable for most people who hike and/or exercise regularly. (Up to four miles and/or 1,000 feet elevation gain)

Courses are designed for adults who engage in strenuous aerobic activity on a regular basis. (More than four miles and up to 3,000 feet elevation gain)